A Guide to Insurance Coverage for Bars and Nightclubs

Operating an entertainment venue that serves liquor and meals late into the night comes with unique perks and risks. If you own this type of business, it’s important that you protect yourself with a nightclub insurance policy. It’s a business like any other, so there are general liabilities to consider when assessing your coverage needs. Read More

Does Your Business Property Insurance Cover a Roof Collapse?

It’s normal to wonder about the level of protection your business premises get from having commercial property insurance. For example, will you be compensated for repairing a collapsed roof after a storm or wind damage? You should, but there are instances when a claim can be denied. Keep reading to learn more. Does Commercial Property Read More

Liability Risks Bar Owners Should Be Aware Of

Pubs and taverns are high-risk assets. You’re placing alcohol in an environment with a lot of people. There’s a strong chance that something could go wrong. While you may prioritize maximizing profits, neglecting potential liability risks until it’s too late may lead to serious financial consequences. Here’s a look at some of the most significant Read More

Why Restaurant Owners Need Comprehensive Insurance

Restaurants serve an important purpose in society. They allow people to go out and spend time with their loved ones while enjoying great food. As a restaurant owner, it’s important to learn about some of the potential liability risks you may be exposed to. Obtaining a strong restaurant insurance plan can help take some of Read More

How to Compare Quotes Before Buying Homeowners Insurance?

Your home is your biggest investment, and its protection must be your priority as a homeowner. Your homeowners insurance equips you financially to repair or rebuild your home and its belongings in the event of damage by a covered peril. It also secures your financial interests if you are found liable for injuries or property Read More