3 Methods to Communicate and Work Well with Your Franchisees

When it comes to franchising, communication is the key to building a strong relationship between parties. But communication isn’t as simple as just having a conversation. Franchises can be spread out throughout your city, your state, country, and even the world; think about the global reach of places like KFC and SuperCuts. With the potential to have a far reach and success in business, it’s imperative to have a successful communication plan to keep everyone involved connected and up-to-date on information.

In one business day in the United States, a new franchise opens up every eight minutes. That means that’s another communication opportunity that’s being built from the ground up. The goal should be to develop and foster a trusting, symbiotic relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Here are some ways in which this can be achieved.

1. Tech Talk

There seems to be a new and innovative way for people to communicate in today’s business world. From AI assistants to messaging apps that can be installed on laptops, mobile devices, and on-the-go tablets, there are so many ways to literally keep the conversation going. Cloud telephony is a particularly useful option that lets franchise owners add extensions and create dedicated support and help for franchisees. Franchisors can also keep the conversation going through instant messaging apps like Slack, which provides a real-time option for video and instant messaging regardless of location.

2. Keep Dialogue Honest and Open

Technology is a very helpful and efficient option to keep communication streamlined and accessible, but connecting with franchisees means going beyond the desktop. An effective and candid dialogue that occurs both over the phone and in person are always tried and true ways to get your point across most effectively and in a timely way. Keeping a dialogue open and offering up opportunities to meet in person or talk over the phone will add personability, accountability, and trust between franchisor and franchisee.

Plus, a big reason why there may be tension between parties is a lack of honesty and openness. There are countless examples where relationships are affected in a negative way due to important information not being discussed. This can lead to a myriad of problems and even be cause for claims of negligence. While an effective franchise insurance plan can help to provide financial support in times of working through claims, it’s more important to make sure issues don’t arise in the first place.

3. Showing Commitment to Each Other

A franchisor’s main objective should be to help each franchisee reach success on a number of levels. This can be achieved by getting everyone on the same page through discussion, sharing of information, and more accessible options to reach each other. By exhibiting a commitment to a franchisee’s success, franchisors will enhance loyalty and build a stronger line of communication. This is an effective component to building effective collaboration and successful communication.

There are so many different ways to stay in touch with each franchisee on board. It only takes a few moments out of each day to touch base and get everyone on board and updated. Lack of communication can break down relationships and cause a fray in the overall business process. Having communication be the centerpiece of any franchise operation will help build a successful and promising future for all involved.

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