5 Benefits of Going to Comedy Clubs – What to Know

You might not hear doctors or comedians talk about it much, but there are valuable health benefits to going to comedy clubs. Humor triggers laughter and positive energy, which is good for both mental and physical health. Here are the most profound ways in which you can benefit from visiting a comedy club.

Benefits of Going to Comedy Clubs

  1. Relieves stress

    One of the greatest benefits of watching a stand-up comedian is that the laughter you get from it can reduce stress. Humor sometimes helps people see through difficult situations. Remaining in a stressful mode is not good for the immune system or other biological functions. Comedy offers people a drug-free way to relax and overcome anxiety.

    Watching a live comedy act is a bit different than watching one on TV. Even though a TV comedian might trigger laughter, a live comedian thrives on instant feedback from the audience and doesn’t have to worry as much about offending sponsors. Instant audience laughter reduces the comedian’s stress.

  2. Reduce blood pressure

    Another major benefit of the laughter you get from going to a comedy club is that it can reduce high blood pressure. Good health depends on keeping blood pressure under control.

  3. Burns calories and relaxes your muscles

    Since laughter is a form of energy release, it’s good for burning about 50 calories during a comedy performance. At the same time, it loosens up tense muscles and lets you feel more at ease. Laughter helps refuel a person’s energy level, making them ready for productive activity.

    Comedy is a good primer for doing a physical fitness workout, as it puts you on a higher energy level while relaxing your muscles. Your muscles are then prepared for a healthy workout, reducing the odds of pulling or straining a muscle.

  4. Stimulates the brain

    Comedy has value beyond entertainment, as it can stimulate sharper cognitive abilities. Many times, comedy can make a person see the world more clearly, such as seeing through a common stereotype. Being in a humorous state of mind can trigger a wave of creative new ideas. Humor further helps people assess their own mental health and emotional perceptions.

  5. Builds relationships

    Yet another major advantage to comedy clubs is that they are centers for bringing people together. They can potentially create new friendships and even relationships that lead to marriage. Many brides and grooms hire comedians for their wedding receptions to make the day even more memorable.

Start a Comedy Club and Get the Right Insurance

If you have aspirations to launch a comedy club in your community, you’ll first need to explore your insurance options. While comedy clubs help promote laughter and good health, they also have risks in which patrons or even talent can get hurt. A drunk patron might do something foolish like throw a bottle at the entertainer.

The right comedy club insurance will protect your company’s assets in case a lawsuit occurs due to a tragic or inconvenient show incident. It helps to work with an insurance expert who has already developed expertise in the comedy club business.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Comedy Club with RMS Insurance

At RMS Hospitality Group, we write policies geared toward the hospitality and concert venue industries. We can help you understand your coverage options so that you have maximum protection of your venue assets. Contact our knowledgeable experts today to get started with comedy club insurance coverage.

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