5 Top Workers’ Compensation Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Accidents can occur in the workplace at any time. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; there is always a risk of injury. Some industries have a higher risk than others, especially regarding specific injuries. Creating a safe work environment should always be a top priority. If a company doesn’t follow safety protocols in the workplace, it leaves itself open to Workers’ Compensation claims involving many types of injuries. Hence, we will discuss the five common injuries covered under workers’ compensation and how to minimize your injury risk.

  1. Strains

    Strains are among the top five injuries listed in Workers’ Comp claims. A strain involves a torn or stretched muscle or tendon. While this isn’t a severe injury, it can be painful and may limit an employee’s ability to do their job efficiently. It often occurs when a worker must push or pull heavy items or perform repetitive tasks.

  2. Sprains

    Sprains are more severe than strains and can take longer to heal. A torn ligament occurs in much the same way as a strain. Pushing or pulling heavy objects and performing repetitive motions are common causes of sprains. Immobilizing the area and allowing for sufficient rest is important if healing is to go smoothly.

  3. Contusions

    Contusions are bruises that go deep into the tissues. Most bruises are minor, but contusions that result in severe pain, deep bruising, and swelling may indicate a more serious injury. Contusions may damage or bruise bones and other connective tissues. Many bruises go deeper than we realize, so checking them out is important.

  4. Lacerations

    Lacerations or cuts often result from using the wrong tool or not using safety guards. It usually occurs when machines are not correctly cared for, or clutter accumulates in the workspace. Poor lighting may also be a problem. It’s important to avoid clutter and keep any work area well-lit.

  5. Punctures

    Punctures are also quite common, especially in work areas where nails, splinters, and shards of glass are found. They can also occur when dull scissors or knives are being used. Industries that involve metal working can also lead to puncture wounds caused by metal shards. Punctures deep into the tissues have a much higher risk of infection.

Minimizing Your Risk of Injury

You can minimize your risk of injury while on the job in several ways. Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and rotating workers into different positions will keep employees safe and reduce their risk of injury. Proper training is also a must. Educating your employees on proper safety protocols will keep them focused and alert if a hazard arises.

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is the best way to minimize your risk of injury. At RMS Insurance Brokerage, we can help you find the answers you seek. Contact us today to learn about workers’ compensation coverage and our services.