6 Bartender Problems Only Bar Staff Can Relate To

Being a bartender can be an exciting yet demanding job. With the endless streams of customers, their constant chats, and orders for drinks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Here’s a list of six bartender problems that any bar staff can easily relate to:

  1. Weekends Are No Fun

    While most of us look forward to the weekend, bartenders look forward to Monday morning. For a bartender, Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest time of the week. You may have crowds on a few other nights, but nothing can compare to the madhouse rush that takes place on the two busiest nights of the week.

  2. The Concept of “Closing Time”

    Closing time is a sensitive subject when you talk to patrons of a bar. Most don’t want the night to end and continue ordering drinks until they hear the “last call.” Some will even try to order after “last call” has been announced. What’s even more aggravating is when the majority of the customers decide to show up 10 minutes before you are about to close for the night.

  3. Ordering a “Beer”

    One of the biggest frustrations is when a customer orders a “beer.” Unless you know them and what type of beer they normally order, you may not be sure which one they want. Most bars have a dozen different types of beer bottles and can have even more on tap. So finding out which one the customer wants can be challenging, especially if they are upset that you don’t already know their preference.

  4. Walking out on a Tab

    It’s even more frustrating when a customer walks out on a tab. It’s true that sometimes people simply forget they haven’t paid their bill and will feel bad about it if they are confronted about it later. However, there are others who simply don’t feel like paying and will deny owing the tab when confronted. The worst part about a non-paying customer is that you, as a bartender, may be held responsible for their bill.

  5. Waving for Attention

    Customers who wave for your attention or snap their fingers take the phrase “demanding customer” to a new level. In some ways, especially to a bartender, it can almost be disrespectful. Bar staff members are trained to watch customers, and their drinks, carefully. When someone is getting to the bottom of a glass, it’s a hint they will need service soon. Bar staff will also try to make eye contact with their customers. A simple nod is all that is necessary to get their attention. Waving and snapping your fingers is uncalled for.

  6. The Glass Collection

    When business is slow, it’s easier to go out and collect empty glasses. However, as the night goes on, more and more customers appear. The crazier your night gets, the more glasses you will have to collect. Just a few minutes of not being able to walk the tables will cause your collection of glasses to grow by leaps and bounds. Staying on top of the growing number of glasses can be difficult, but it’s important to do the best you can.

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