As a restaurant owner, you have to deal with many responsibilities. You have to keep track of your inventory, set up a schedule for your employees, and manage different orders. While you will have to manually deal with some of these tasks, you can take advantage of recent technological advancements to help run your business more efficiently. Here is a look at several mobile apps for restaurants that you can use to improve your business and enhance the customer experience.


If you have employees, you will have to manage payroll. You will likely devote a lot of your restaurant’s costs towards paying and managing your employees. Push Operations can help you manage labor costs. Th app is a labor-management tool that can help you reduce costs by automating payroll calculations and funneling the completed hours directly into payroll. By using an automated system, you’ll decrease the chances of making a mistake due to human error. The app also allows you to be transparent with your employees. Push Operations allows your employees to view their schedules and pay stubs on their mobile devices. Push Operations can help you to make better decisions. You can project your future sales in real-time. By using the cloud to store documents, you drastically reduce the amount of paperwork that you will have to complete.

  • DAVO

Filing taxes is an inevitable part of running a successful business venture. DAVO can assist you through the process by making it easier for you to collect, file, and pay sales taxes. The app is compatible with your POS to help ensure that dealing with taxes is a smooth process. All of the sales tax funds are compiled and sent to the state when it’s time. DAVO encrypts all of your account data using the latest SSL technology while also offering cloud backups and instant data recovery.


A big part of any restaurant technology guide is using available resources to prevent theft and enhance your security. Solink helps ensure that your business won’t have to deal with any security issues compromising your business. The app is a subscription-based tool that provides video surveillance. This allows you to manage any operational issues and address any security concerns as they arise. Solink connects to your video and reviews footage to see if anything unusual happened during the day. Using only relevant clips, the app informs you about different issues that need to be addressed. Solink sets up alerts in different cameras around your restaurant. Solink also includes a user-friendly dashboard highlighting the most important parts of the day. You’ll have enhanced visibility and receive reports whenever it’s most convenient for you. It provides added protection to ensure that your business won’t have to deal with any serious security breaches. You can also use the app to address customer issues.

  • BevSpot

BevSpot is an app for a restaurant that helps you manage your food and drink inventory. It enables you to keep track of orders and handle invoices. You can use the app to import your sales data, upload your spreadsheets, and connect with your vendors. You can also look at your sales data and see which items aren’t selling as well as you’d like. BevSpot changes your inventory based on sales, which gives you more time to focus on other areas of your business, especially when your restaurant is in high demand. BevSpot allows you to stay organized at all times. You can use the app to overhaul your menu.

There are so many tasks involved in operating a restaurant. By relying on mobile apps, you can use the technology at your disposal to run a more efficient business and improve the overall experience for your customers.


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