Things to Do Before Buying a Sports Bar

Buying any type of business is a huge investment in your future. A sports bar that is already established can be exciting and rewarding. However, there is more to the proposal than simply buying a business. You need to learn as much as you can before you decide to put in an offer. You need Read More

Purchasing Pubs and Tavern Insurance? Know the Coverages You May Need

Bars, nightclubs, and taverns are often the go-to destinations for those who are looking to socialize, build relationships, or just have a drink. However, these places have an increased risk of liability hazards arising from untruly or over-served patrons and poor alcohol serving practices, facing expensive lawsuits and claims. This is where pubs and tavern Read More

5 Ways to Get Maximum Workers’ Comp Benefits to Your Business

Workers’ compensation insurance is a key element in protecting your business from financial loss. Accidents can happen. In most cases, you do everything possible to create a safe work environment. Unexpected events can wreak havoc on your business’s financial future. Having a workers’ comp policy in place will work for your business if you know Read More

Planning a Concert in 8 Steps

If you are planning a concert, one of your first concerns should be securing the right live concert insurance. It will cover a wide range of potential mishaps. Here are 8 essential steps you must consider while planning a live concert. Set Goals Before you start planning the show, you should have a clear concept Read More

Liability Risks for Hookah Lounge Owners in Casinos and Resorts

In the past few years, cigar bars, hookah lounges, and other places where smoking is permitted have grown in popularity. The trend began in major cities with casinos and resorts and has now spread around the nation. These bars help increase revenue for casinos, but they open up a multitude of real liability exposures for Read More