How Event Organizers Use Insurance to Guard Against Natural Disasters

As an event planner, you put a lot of time and effort into preparing a quality experience for your client. There are multiple variables involved to ensure that the event turns out to be a success. While you may be on the same page with other key decision-makers, what happens if an unexpected emergency occurs Read More

Should You Add Liquor Liability Insurance for Your Next Non-profit Event?

Leaders of nonprofit organizations are often unaware of the potential risks they are exposed to. It’s recommended that all nonprofit organizations have liability coverage for protection against property damage, bodily injuries, and allegations of slander or libel. Commercial property insurance is another common form of coverage that nonprofit organizations rely on. Commercial property insurance covers Read More

Creating Restaurant and Bar Specials for a Great Football Season

Football season is a great way to capitalize on the sports crowd. Football fans will come in droves if you offer a festive environment and a few food and drink specials that they can really sink their teeth into. If you want to attract a steady crowd, you need to have the best specials in Read More

5 Best Practices for Restaurant Food Safety

Restaurant food safety involves maintaining a clean work environment free of germs and other contaminants. When you are dealing with food, poor food safety means that you are putting your customers’ health at risk. Poor food safety can lead to food poisoning, stomach complaints, and other unpleasant symptoms involving the digestive tract. The following five Read More

What Should You Know About Risk Management In Hospitality Business

Although the covid-19 pandemic did make the hurdles for the hospitality sector harder, those challenges on a typical day aren’t as straightforward as they would appear on the surface. Numerous risk variables exist, and addressing them is what establishes a reputation in the field. Despite the fact that a wide range of problems arises every Read More