How Bars Can Minimize Liability During Company Holiday Parties

Much like every other industry, your food and beverage service clients are likely hosting an array of holiday parties this winter season. While they want to show their appreciation for their employees, serving alcohol is also a recipe for legal disaster. Rather than let legal worries ruin your client’s plans, share the following advice with them to minimize legal liability and ensure their holiday parties go off without a hitch. Most importantly, secure their operation with a comprehensive Sports Bar Insurance Program.

Start by having an open conversation with your employees about drinking at the company party. Since alcohol will be provided, let employees know the policy that they will be responsible for their own behavior, or limit drinks to each person. Remind employees that the code of conduct is some applicable at the company party.

Next, never make drinking, or eating, for that matter, the main focus of any event. Always make entertainment, speeches, presentations, company logo items to purchase with points earned, games, dancing and/or activities for employees to participate in the main focus of any company team building events, suggests The Balance.

Another good idea is to limit the number of drinks the company will provide, and requiring each employee to pay for his or her tab. This can easily be done by stamping their hands each time they get a drink.

Ensure that the bartenders for the evening understand not to serve employees who are already visibly inebriated. The employees are bartenders themselves, so they should understand proper protocol. However, it doesn’t hurt to remind the bartenders to cut someone off if they’re suspicious.

If children are invited to the company party, it’s best that only wine and beer are served and liquor is not. This inhibits employees from getting drunk quickly and bad impressions from being formed.

Finally, provide food and transportation. Appetizers and dinner should be paid for by the company, which will help keep stomachs full and prevent inebriation.

Cabs should be waiting outside in addition to designated drivers. Employees want to have a good time and relax, but getting home should not be a liability for the company. Pay for cabs to sit outside your event in case an employee is advised or decides that he or she cannot drive safely, or schedule the event at a location that offers easy access to public transportation.

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