Top Reasons to Carry Assault and Battery Insurance

Research shows that binge drinking increases the risk of aggression and violence.  Therefore, businesses that sell alcohol should take the necessary measures to protect themselves from liability resulting from alcohol-related crimes.  One way to do this is to carry adequate assault and battery insurance.   It’s worth noting that the costs related to an assault and Read More

Why Do Commercial General Liability Policies Exclude Assault and Battery Coverage?

Businesses rely on commercial insurance to protect them during emergencies. As a business owner, you are aware that something could go wrong at any moment. Generally, commercial insurance will be there when you need it, but there are some possible exclusions. There is assault and battery exclusion in most commercial general liability policies. Assault is Read More

The Basics of Assault & Battery Insurance for Bar Owners

Have you ever thought about opening a bar? Creating a social center for your neighborhood has its advantages, but you can’t overlook the responsibilities that come with it. Serving alcohol creates more legal complexities than opening a typical small business. You’ll need nightclub insurance, liquor liability insurance, and assault & battery insurance, along with other Read More

Does Your Bar Need Assault & Battery Insurance?

Wondering why your bar would need assault & battery insurance? Your joint is a special place for people that love liquor to socialize or just relax while enjoying their favorite alcoholic drinks. However, when some patrons have had too much to drink, the bar atmosphere can quickly turn chaotic. Even the calmest individuals ever can Read More

How to Prevent Fights in Nightclubs and Other Establishments

When alcohol, emotions, and loud noises mix together, an old fashioned row could occur between patrons. Bar fights put everyone at risk, from the patrons involved to those nearby to those working in an establishment, potentially causing major damage to peoples’ well being and the integrity of the bar or nightclub. Freakonomics reported on a Read More