Retail Tech: How Online Cash Registers Can Help You Meet the Future of Commerce

The retail industry has experienced quite a change. This article details what you need to know about retail tech trends, current data, and future trends, as well as how upgrading your traditional cash register to a POS system will help. The traditional cash register still exists, but what do modern, online cash registers have to Read More


In recent years, many successful companies have benefited from establishing a customer loyalty program. Research shows that today’s consumers find loyalty programs to be very appealing. By establishing a customer loyalty program, you can gain an advantage over the competition. Here are some tips to help you properly establish a customer loyalty program. WHAT ARE Read More

Taking Physical Inventory Counts: Your Guide to Accurate Stock Takes

Doing a physical inventory count is something that many retailers avoid because the process is extensive, and it can be overwhelming at times. Conducting a full inventory count can require paying employees overtime or possibly shutting down the store for however long it takes to finish the inventor.  While the process is stressful, taking inventory Read More

11 Cyber Security Tips for Employees Working from Home

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, both large and small companies shifted to working remotely to help keep people safe. This caused a lot of stress as many companies were not prepared to deal with this shift. Smaller businesses did not have the time or resources to develop a plan for how to deal with Read More

Wage Theft Lawsuits in the Restaurant Industry

Wage theft has always been an issue in the service industry as restaurant workers lose millions each year because of this issue. On a greater scale, the Economic Policy Institute estimates that $15 billion is lost just to minimum wage violations each year in all sectors combined. From tip skimming to underpayment to illegal deductions, Read More