5 Tips for Preparing Your Restaurant for the Winter Weather

Preparing for winter weather can be challenging for restaurants, but proper preparation can help ensure that they operate successfully in difficult circumstances. Restaurant owners should take the time to review the maintenance, floor care, and available insurance coverage to ensure that their business is protected from the elements. Additionally, updating the menu can help keep Read More

Don’t Let Your Night Out Turn into a Nightmare: 9 Safety Tips for Women

Violence against women is a growing concern for many women across the country and across the world. Many women have enrolled in self-defense courses and started to carry different types of weapons to ensure their safety. The following tips will also be extremely helpful in keeping women safe. They should be used any time that Read More

The Power of Data to Control Plan Costs

As a business owner, you deal with a lot of numbers, from sales to goals to balance sheets. An important number to consider as an employer is that of your employee benefits offerings and their costs. One of the largest challenges that business owners face is selecting the right benefits for their employees while maintaining Read More

How to Increase Staff Retention in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is always looking for ways to improve their customer experience and keep guests coming back to their brand time and time again. Yet, the industry as a whole faces a significant challenge when it comes to employee retention. While some businesses do not put time and effort into developing a staff retention Read More