What Is General Liability Insurance, and Why May You Need It?

Serious business owners carry general liability insurance coverage to protect against lawsuits. A service business is particularly at risk if the client isn’t happy with the work. Having the right insurance can save your business from getting toppled overnight. Here are key points about the significance of general liability insurance. What Does Liability Insurance Cover? Read More

Umbrella Insurance and Excess Liability Insurance: Why Are They Needed

It’s good to know all your options when it’s time to get insurance. Some people take on more risks than others, so they need coverage beyond a basic plan. Options that can provide extended coverage include umbrella insurance and excess liability insurance. What Is Excess Liability Insurance & Umbrella Insurance? A basic insurance policy only Read More

Understanding General Liability Insurance Limits for Business Owners

If you own a small business, you’ll understand how important it is to mitigate various risks in your everyday operations. General liability insurance is a tool you can utilize to cover some of those risks, such as property damage and bodily injury claims against your company. How General Liability Insurance Helps Business Owners Commercial general Read More

8 Types of Insurance a Private Social Club Might Need

Running a private social club requires you, as a business owner, to be aware of any possible risks that may arise in your establishment. You can be held personally liable for third-party bodily injuries and/or property damage that occur at your club because of your negligence or intentional misconduct. The right insurance coverage options can Read More

Can Anyone Do Business Without General Liability Insurance?

You may wonder if you are legally required to carry general liability insurance in your quest to become an entrepreneur. In most states, there is no such requirement except for certain industries. States, however, do have requirements for certain types of commercial insurance like workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance. Here is a look at Read More