Planning a Concert in 8 Steps

If you are planning a concert, one of your first concerns should be securing the right live concert insurance. It will cover a wide range of potential mishaps. Here are 8 essential steps you must consider while planning a live concert. Set Goals Before you start planning the show, you should have a clear concept Read More

How Can Event Insurance Policy Minimize Your Liability Exposure?

For your event to succeed, there are certain preventive measures you have to implement beforehand. For example, everyone’s safety at the venue should be a top priority. However, unforeseeable mishaps can still occur despite your meticulous planning. Keep reading to understand how event insurance can protect you against liability. What Is Event Insurance? Event insurance Read More

What Is a Live Music Insurance Program?

According to Billboard, 32 million people attend music festivals every year. Venues and promoters are obliged to provide a safe environment for event attendees. However, despite all the health and safety measures in place, mishaps can occur. If incidents that lead to property damage and injuries occur, the event organizers and venue owner may be Read More

Understanding the Basics of Live Concert Liability Insurance

Much can go wrong at a live concert due to large crowds of attendees and the equipment and electricity needed for sound, special effects, lights, and foodservice. While careful planning and comprehensive safety and security measures can help mitigate potential hazards and manage the crowd adequately, unforeseeable incidents that result in property damage and bodily Read More

Crowd Control Management: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

Crowd control is a professional term used by event organizers and venue owners to reflect strategies that guide, comfort, serve and persuade crowds. The usage of signs and barriers at fairs and amusement parks helps influence attendees to learn their way around a venue so that they don’t get lost. Another aspect of crowd control Read More