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Tips to Create an Effective Risk Management Plan for Your Restaurant Business

If you own a restaurant, you have specific types of risks that you have to deal with. Your risk management plan must cover the perils that most restaurants face. This includes liquor liability if your restaurant serves alcohol. Personal liability and property damage are also common risks for restaurants. Before you create a risk management plan, you need to come

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9 Common Business Risks That Bars and Restaurants Face

Most people who operate restaurants or club/bar businesses have well-laid plans on how to manage their finances and mitigate any potential risks. The most common risks entrepreneurs face are associated with the basic operations of their business. Understanding these risks is the best way to avoid them. Here are some common business risks that bars and restaurants face: Inadequate Cash

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What’s the Restaurant Industry Outlook For 2022?

The restaurant industry has faced significant challenges over the last couple of years. Owners have gotten creative as they brainstormed different strategies to help stay afloat during troubling times. Here’s a look at what lies ahead for the industry in the New Year. Analysts in the restaurant industry predict that businesses will continue to deal with labor shortages that impact

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Should You Get Insurance for a Home-Based Food Service Business?

Many people are rethinking their careers and focusing on launching a home-based business. If you are a creative cook who comes up with unique recipes, you might consider pursuing a home-based food service business. Here’s a look at the types of insurance you’ll need for this venture. Do I need to purchase insurance coverage for my home-based business? While it’s

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Insurance for Food Delivery Driver: An Overview

In recent years,  the rise in demand for food delivery services has opened up questions about insurance for food delivery drivers. If you want to start an independent delivery business, what type of insurance do you need? Will you need restaurant insurance? Here’s a look at what professional couriers need to know about auto insurance. Coverage Devoted to Food Delivery

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Essential Risk Management Tips for Restaurant Owners

Every industry has its share of risks, as all of them are affected by one or more environmental and economic factors. For example, when suppliers experience shortages or production slowdowns, it can raise food prices, causing consumers to dine out less frequently. The following are a few essential restaurant risk management tips for restaurant owners. Train Your Employees Caring for

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How Restaurants Are Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

The American restaurant industry was among the sectors that suffered the brunt of COVID-19. Although many restaurants have still not reopened to date, some have resumed operations, albeit cautiously. For instance, instead of the regular communal table, some restaurants have adopted one-person tables to ensure social distancing. Here’s a look at how different restaurants are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis:

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Tips to Protect Your Employees from Common Restaurant Injuries

The restaurant business is one of the riskiest businesses due to the physically demanding and high-pressure conditions that are common to these establishments. Workplace injuries can spell severe financial loss for any restaurant owner. Statistics show that an average of 4 workers’ compensation claims are filed annually per restaurant, with the average cost of such claims being about $50,000 per

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How to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Exposure to Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illnesses are serious business. If you own a restaurant, one of your biggest concerns should be limiting your risk of exposure to foodborne illnesses for both your patrons as well as your employees. Doing everything you can to reduce your risk and keep it under control is one of your most important responsibilities as a restaurant owner. It can

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