Why Contactless Check-in Might Be the Future of Hospitality

One of the hardest-hit industries during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the hospitality industry. Many hotels are struggling to stay afloat due to the major decrease in the amount of travel around the world. This drastic reduction in income has caused many staff members to lose their jobs or become furloughed. As a result, there are serious questions regarding the future of the hospitality industry. Being able to change and adapt to the new demands facing the hospitality industry is key to surviving in a COVID-19 world. Social distancing regulations and precautions have led to a shift in how hotels handle the check-in process.

  • Increased Engagement

Hotels can improve their guest engagement rates. They will also receive a much higher return on investment. The increased technological advancements help open up new revenue streams and increased staff engagement. Contactless check in gives people total control over their stay. They can also request food and other types of service without having to interact with staff directly. This leads to higher satisfaction rates and increases the chances of guests returning to the hotel for another stay.

  • Going Mobile

As the future of the hospitality industry changes, many hotels are changing their operations to go mobile. Over the last few years, hotels have begun to use recent technological advancements to connect with their customers. Mobile check-in was emerging as a convenient way to provide guests with a smooth experience.

As COVID-19 entered the scene, hotels that had yet to embrace the change were left with no choice but to use contactless check-in measures. Hotels recognized that they have to use the technology at their disposal to promote social distancing measures. Guests can use their mobile devices to check-in and complete transactions. Touchless payments are recommended over chip card readers and other payment methods. These changes have led to a shift in how contactless check-in is viewed.

  • Moving Forward

Contactless check-in hotels are opening all over the country to give people peace of mind that their health is a top priority. This trend is projected to last into the future. Contactless check-in allows people to avoid waiting in lines while also limiting their face-to-face interactions. Mobile check-in provides an extra layer of comfort.

Hotels that fail to utilize contactless check-in risk losing potential customers to the competition. Not only are hotels helping keep their customers safe, but they are also reducing administrative tasks and overhauling workflows to create a better customer experience. Customers are starting to expect these added security measures which means it is even more important to have policies and procedures in place to meet those expectations and remain competitive.

  • Millennials

Contactless check-in as the future of hospitality is likely because it appeals to millennials, who make up more than half of all hotel guests during the year. While hotel price and location are still important factors, appealing technology is emerging as the number 1 factor for millennials when choosing a hotel. Millennials are also likely to book a hotel using a mobile payment method. To attract these consumers, more hotels will have to implement contactless check-in and keyless entry. Millennials don’t want to disconnect from technology. They generally embrace it and often look for more ways to use it in their everyday lives.

  • Gain A Competitive Advantage

Hotel guests are looking for more innovative features. There is a belief among analysts that hotels have yet to utilize contactless check-in and similar features to their potential. As such, hotels have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the industry by utilizing these capabilities on a regular basis. Failing to adapt to the changes can do much damage to a company’s reputation among consumers.

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