Creating Restaurant and Bar Specials for a Great Football Season

Football season is a great way to capitalize on the sports crowd. Football fans will come in droves if you offer a festive environment and a few food and drink specials that they can really sink their teeth into. If you want to attract a steady crowd, you need to have the best specials in place to beat your competitors. Now is the team to boost your revenue by giving sports fans what they want the most- good food, great prices, and a fun environment!

Create a New Football Season Tradition

The best way to keep sports fans coming back is to establish a new football season tradition. Try out a couple of deals or incentives to find out which one the crowd prefers. If you create a tradition that stands the test of time, you can guarantee that the fans who helped you establish it, will return time and time again to keep the tradition alive. Once you start the tradition, advertise it and promote it whenever possible.

Come up with Some Cool Football Food Specials

Finger foods and chicken wings are favorite football food specials. Put together a few solid football food specials to satisfy various tastes. Not everyone is a fan of chicken wings. So, put together a sample platter and throw in a few different sauces. Variety is the spice of life, so do your best to keep things interesting. Allow your customers to personalize their food choices.

Include Game Day Drink Specials

No game day celebration is complete without a few good, game day drink specials. Create a new drink or two to celebrate your favorite team. When you offer a few food specials to go along with your drink specials, you provide your customers with the things they need to have a little fun while they watch their favorite team. Good food, good drinks, and a lot of fun are what you need to keep your customers coming back.

Throw a Tailgate Party

Nothing says football like a good tailgate party. If you have a patio with outdoor seating, take the party outside. If not, you can still have a good time and celebrate on the inside. On game day, create a special menu of foods and beverages that you would normally find at a tailgate party in the parking lot at the stadium. Wings and beer are popular choices, but you can throw in a variety of other foods as well.

Celebrate the Super Bowl!

The biggest game of the year in football is the Super Bowl. If you are into college football, you will want to be ready for all of the end-of-season bowl games. Celebrate the Super Bowl with some of your best-selling tailgate foods. Start the celebration early so everyone has eaten and can give the game their undivided attention. When it’s time to celebrate, make it easy by offering your customers everything they want!

When game day rolls around, it’s time to celebrate. The best way to do that is to offer the best food and the best drinks at affordable prices in an environment where your customers feel valued and appreciated. If you are looking for restaurant insurance or sports bar insurance for your hospitality business, we have you covered! Contact us today to get started on your tailored coverage!