Cyber Security and Privacy Concerns: COVID-19

Since the rise of COVID-19 across the nation, many hackers have taken this opportunity to scam businesses and individuals alike. Phishing emails, scam texts, and fake websites have led to many businesses being given false information and exposing sensitive and private information. To help protect business data throughout COVID-19 and beyond, here are a few tips to note.


Cyber Security Tips During the Time of COVID-19


Ensure privacy of employee information. Remind employees not to share sensitive information publicly if an employee (or family member) has been or is suspected of having been diagnosed with coronavirus.


Remind employees of internet safety. With the increased numbers of employees working from home, especially for those businesses that are not accustomed to doing so, it is recommended that businesses remind employees of corporate mobile device policies. If not already implemented, supply your team with a VPN (virtual private network) to access corporate systems. Ensure multifactor authentication wherever possible.


Be wary of coronavirus-related emails. Hackers are incredibly smart with producing legitimate-looking emails that are actually scams and viruses. Remind your employees not to click on anything that is not expected or that could be malware. This will further interrupt your technology infrastructure by encrypting your network files and subjecting your business to a potential ransom demand.


Consider your business. If you are faced with supply chain disruption, maintain due diligence in seeking alternative suppliers and vendors without sacrificing security controls and data.


Do not connect or download corporate documents via non-approved or non-corporate managed devices.


Provide mobile devices and sensitive paper documents in transit and at home in compliance with mobile device policies. Avoid leaving business equipment such as laptops in an unattended vehicle.


Review your cyber liability insurance. Make sure you understand how it will respond to security and privacy infiltrations with a remote desktop employee environment. Most updated policy forms cover unauthorized access into the organization’s network, however, every policy differs in coverage. Review your policy to ensure your business is adequately protected.


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