Does Your Business Property Insurance Cover a Roof Collapse?

It’s normal to wonder about the level of protection your business premises get from having commercial property insurance. For example, will you be compensated for repairing a collapsed roof after a storm or wind damage? You should, but there are instances when a claim can be denied. Keep reading to learn more.

Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Roof Collapse?

Commercial property insurance does cover roof damage from covered events such as high winds or storms. Once you’ve discovered such damage on your property, you should inspect and document it thoroughly with photos and video. Also, preserve receipts for any temporary repairs you make on the damaged roof. Documenting all the damage and repairs is essential for accurately valuing your insurance claim.

Keep in mind that your insurer will investigate the measures you’ve undertaken to maintain and protect the roof. Their findings will be considered in the final assessment of your claim.

What Type of Roof Damage Is Not Covered by Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance covers a broad range of risks, including fire and water damage. However, your policy will likely not cover instances of roof damage such as:

  1. Uncovered Water Damage and Leaks

    A covered event must be the cause of the water damage on the roof for your claim to be valid. If your existing policy includes hail and wind damage, it can pay for repairs or replacement if such an occurrence punctures the roof and causes leak damage. Your insurance may deny coverage due to other causes of roof leaks and water damage, such as:

    • Leaks due to the gradual wear and tear of the roof
    • Leaks due to poor roof maintenance
  2. Old Roof

    Commercial property insurance does not cover damage to the roofing that is too old. If your roof is 20 years old or older, it may be in this category because that’s typically the lifespan of most shingle roofs. Insurers may also assess a roof as too old for coverage if it’s 20 years old but has a new layer on top. The partial renovation, rather than full replacement, may not matter in the end.

  3. Property Owner Roof Damage 

    Your insurer may deny claims for roof damage that you cause as the owner of the covered commercial property. You may be deemed responsible for the damage in cases such as:

    • Water leaks due to wear and tear
    • Damaging the roof further while trying to repair it yourself
  4. Fragile or High-Risk Roofing

    Commercial property insurance will most likely exclude certain high-risk roofing materials. Insurers usually decide this based on the material’s potential cost of replacement/repair and vulnerability to damage. For example, they may not cover a wooden roof because it’s prone to fire damage. High-end metal roofs and slates are in this category due to their high installation cost.

Cover Your Commercial Property Against Roof Damages with RMS Insurance Brokerage

Each commercial property insurance cover is designed to address specific coverage needs. That’s why it’s always important to read the fine print to avoid any confusion over what’s covered or excluded in your specific policy. To analyze your situation and get a customized cover, reach out to the team at RMS Insurance Brokerage right away.