Earn More By Adding a Full Bar to Your Restaurant

If you already own a restaurant, then you know what it takes to make that type of business work. The primary difference you will need to deal with if you want to put a full bar in your business is dealing with alcohol-related restrictions. Once you know what you can and cannot do, the rest will fall into place easily. Have a plan in place and know what you want to accomplish in the future.

Liquor License

To open a full bar, your first goal is to acquire a liquor license. You will need to apply for it early. There may be a waiting period until one becomes available or until your application is approved. You will still be able to open the bar, but you won’t be able to serve alcohol until your liquor license has been approved, and you have paid the necessary fees.

New Interior Design

It’s important to have a unique design for the bar. If you are naming the bar something different from the restaurant, you will want to use a design that fits the name. If the bar operates under the restaurant’s name, you will need to keep the design similar to that of the larger part of the establishment. It should still be somewhat unique since it will be its own entity within the restaurant.

Create a Few Signature Drinks

If you want people to remember your bar, you will want to create a few signature drinks. Make them unique and add your own personal touches. While you may not want to tamper with the recipe too much, you can always add a unique garnish or a splash of color. Be creative. An old favorite may take on new life if you give it a different name.

Know How to Market the Bar

Marketing your bar will be easy if you tie it into the restaurant. While it should still have its own strategy, both the restaurant and the bar fall under the same heading. Create a few weekly specials and designate certain nights for specific activities like Monday Night Football or a Karaoke sing-a-long. Make things fun and offer drink deals at each event. With the right marketing tactics, you will be able to boost both your restaurant and bar businesses.

Hire Properly Trained Staff

If you want your bar to be a success, you need to have the right staff. Good servers and excellent bartenders are a must. Hire people who have been certified through Safe Server courses. Ask about experience and whether or not you can talk to their previous employers. Good bar staffs are sometimes hard to find. Be extra careful when it comes to the hiring process.

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