Gearing your Restaurant to Generation Z

Defined as anyone born after 1995 and the largest population since the Baby Boomers generation, these young adults have a unique palette and tastes compared to their older counterparts. Generation Z’s preferences should be echoed in your restaurant to maximize profitability.  Therefore, their spending power can be optimized if your menu and business model are structured to accommodate this generation. So, in addition to protecting your establishment and its operations with a customized Restaurant Insurance Package, consider implementing the following strategies to attract Generation Z clients.

Gear the menu to their liking.

According to the National Restaurant Association, U.S. Census data shows that our population diversity is the greatest it’s ever been, and this has impacted the sophistication of Gen Z’s plates. For example, they are drawn to items like spicy chips, condiments, and seasonings. Make things convenient yet tasty and preferably healthy- this generation is the most aware of food’s nutritional value.

Utilize social media.

The best ways to get in touch with these young diners is through social media. Keep messages short, include tasteful photos, and be creative in your text. Remember, the window of time to convert a social media post into a potential sale is limited for Gen Z’ers, so be tactful.

Engage, engage, engage!

Any questions or comments about your restaurant that are made on social media or reviewing sites should be followed up with a response. This promotes dialogue and a more human interaction, which is what Generation Z craves.

Tap into philanthropy.

Generation Z wants to make the world a better place. As they value brands with a meaningful purpose, create campaigns and notoriety for the causes you support. This could be charity work, food bank donations, etc., but be sure to make your philanthropic efforts known to attract this demographic.

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