How Host Liquor Liability Insurance Can Save You from Paying out of Pocket

If you own a business that serves alcohol to the public, it’s good to be equipped with host liquor liability insurance. This coverage goes beyond standard liability protection and takes into account how intoxicated individuals can cause damage or harm to others.

Who Needs Host Liquor Liability Insurance?

Any establishment that serves alcohol, whether a nightclub, golf course, or diner, should consider getting host liquor liability insurance. Here are key businesses that commonly carry this coverage:

  • Caterers – Many caterers offer mobile services to private entities, such as a wedding coordinator or a business that orders regular lunches. Caterers may serve a specific venue or multiple remote locations. Whoever serves the liquor can be held accountable if an intoxicated person continues to be served alcohol and then commits violence or causes property damage.
  • Contracted bartenders – Bartenders, like caterers, may operate in a fixed location or independently in various locations. They face the same liabilities as caterers, as they are expected to be careful about who they serve. Different states have different laws about legal responsibility involving liquor, but it’s crucial to have the right coverage in place to avoid harsh legal penalties.
  • Concert venues – Music halls used for multiple purposes, including concerts in which alcohol is sold, should consider getting host liquor liability coverage. Even if alcohol is usually not involved with venue activities, it’s wise to carry the coverage.
  • Special events – A promoter of any special event, including a street fair that involves alcohol sales, should consider getting host liquor liability insurance. It’s the responsibility of whoever is funding or presenting the event to ensure they have the right coverage to pay for a mishap involving alcohol.

How Host Liquor Liability Insurance Can Save You?

From private to public parties, alcohol is often served as a social stimulant. Whether you serve alcohol every night or occasionally, there are times when host liquor liability insurance can come in handy.

Here’s how this policy can save you from paying significant penalties out of pocket-

  1. Office party goes out of control – Even corporate parties can have unprofessional moments when someone who has been drinking makes a joke about a colleague, resulting in physical fights. An employee who is jealous of a coworker’s status might let the wrong words slip out after a few drinks. If people get hurt and need hospitalization, your host liquor liability insurance will cover the resulting expenses.
  2. House guests bring their own booze – Maybe you were expecting attendees to bring beer, but most of them brought hard liquor. After a few hours, someone hits the floor due to guzzling too many drinks, and an ambulance is needed to take the guest to the hospital. In this case, your host liquor liability insurance will pay their hospital bills.
  3. Community picnic – You throw a picnic for your community at the park and serve alcohol to celebrate the occasion. A crowd shows up and gets drunk. One individual is so intoxicated they get into a car wreck on the way home, injuring other people. Without host liquor liability insurance, you could be in big trouble for facilitating the conditions that caused the accident. In some states, you can actually do jail time unless you carry the proper insurance.

Why Choose RMS Insurance?

Host liquor liability insurance can save you from paying out of pocket in the event of unfortunate accidents involving intoxicated guests or employees. Contact us at RMS Insurance to get started on your personalized coverage today!