How Liquor Liability Insurance and Alcohol Training for Servers Can Protect Your Restaurant

Selling alcohol is one of the riskiest business ventures in the U.S. This is mainly due to the tendency of intoxicated customers to become rowdy and violent and cause property damage and/or bodily injuries. For this reason, the federal government highly regulates businesses that sell alcohol, including restaurants. Besides the requisite permits and licenses, such businesses generally have set hours of operation. Moreover, to prevent alcohol-fueled crimes and create a safe environment for patrons, owners of such businesses have to take extra measures. Read on to learn about such measures.

What Is Alcohol Server Training?

Alcohol serving is a sensitive task that requires care and knowledge. Every liquor store owner needs to train their staff on the proper requirements for serving alcoholic drinks. Alcohol server training involves educating your employees, bartenders, and alcohol servers on how to serve and sell alcoholic beverages without breaking the law or endangering anyone. Most states require alcohol servers to have the right certification before they can engage in a commercial serving of these drinks. The training helps to minimize risks that may occur. For instance, a trained and qualified bartender has the skills to manage rowdy patrons and prevent damage.

Why Should You Conduct Alcohol Server Training?

In the U.S., drunk motorists cause one fatal accident every 45 minutes. The bad news is that bars can be held liable for such cases, particularly if they overserved the drunk driver. As a liquor business owner, you should aim to minimize losses and maximize your establishment’s profit. Liquor liability insurance is one useful coverage that can protect your business finances. Even so, you can work towards reducing or eliminating risks altogether, which will also help lower your insurance costs. That’s where server training becomes essential. Training your alcohol servers can help prevent the following in your business:

  • Paying huge fines
  • Having your business license revoked or suspended
  • Having your liquor license suspended or revoked
  • Receiving a directive to close your business down
  • Serving jail term
  • Having your business reputation ruined

Benefits of Liquor Liability Insurance

It is possible to mitigate risks in your business. However, at some point, you will still face a setback that can harm your finances. That’s why liquor liability insurance is essential. This policy will pay for any losses if an intoxicated patron causes bodily injuries or property damage in and outside your establishment. It can also pay for the defense costs if a third party sues your business. This way, you won’t have to incur expenses from your pocket.

How Can RMS Insurance Help Cover Your Restaurant Insurance Against Liquor Damage?

RMS Insurance Brokerage is here to help your start-up minimize liquor liabilities by directing you toward the right insurance. You may also need other add-ons, depending on the neighborhood and the type of establishment you run. Contact us today to learn more about getting the appropriate coverage you need for your business.

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