How to Handle Unruly Guests at Your Nightclub

Having unruly guests at your nightclub can be bad for your business. They can chase off customers and cause fights that may result in injuries. There are several ways to handle such situations appropriately, thus mitigating risk and preventing damage inside or outside your nightclub. Every situation is different. Some patrons may calm down on their own, while others may need to have someone with them to keep them safe from hurting themselves or others.

Understand Your Risks and Responsibilities

An unruly patron must be dealt with immediately and effectively to minimize the possibility of property being damaged and people getting injured. You must make sure that all of your patrons remain safe, even the unruly ones. Try to keep the patron as calm as possible and away from other patrons. Call the police or a family member to come and pick them up. Make sure not to let them drive on their own.

Risk Mitigation Inside Your Establishment

While the unruly patron is inside your establishment, you run the risk of the patron damaging your restaurant’s interior. The person may injure an employee or another guest. Therefore, keep them confined to a small area where they are less likely to cause further trouble. You may have security personnel to oversee patrons and their activities.

Risk Mitigation Outside Your Establishment

Believe it or not, you may still be liable for the actions of the unruly patron if they are allowed to leave in an inebriated state. If you continue to serve the person alcohol even after they were clearly drunk, you may still be liable for their actions, especially if they are involved in an accident. While you cannot force a patron to stay inside your establishment, you mustn’t let them drive away. Call the police if you need to.

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