Video Footage Could Provide Indisputable Evidence for Businesses

If an accident were to happen on a business’s premises, there is often a series of events that follow that can potentially hurt the company’s reputation and wallet. If a guest was injured, he or she may file a suit against the business – and win – especially if there is no video evidence to deny the claims. Now, more than ever, businesses should understand the importance of having surveillance systems installed.

Protecting Businesses with Video

Indisputable video evidence. When a disaster happens to a business, that’s what the owner needs. There will be no denying of the destruction and there will be no way for an injured guest to twist their version of events. It will essentially be their word against yours. If someone does come forward to sue the business, the owner can have that peace of mind that they have video evidence of the incident, which can help to protect the organization.

Surveillance systems can be inexpensive and are found at nearly every hardware store. The upfront cost of a surveillance system is relatively insignificant compared to an unfavorable settlement that could have been prevented. If a business has a dance floor, bar area, parking lot, or any other area where a lot of incidents can happen, they are going to want a surveillance system.

Regarding the statute of limitations, it is recommended that business owners hold onto footage for three years if they know an incident occurred. For regularly business days with no known incidents, businesses should keep the footage for 60, 90 or 120 days.

Running a successful restaurant or bar is challenging when you consider what can go wrong. Working with the right insurance carrier can help you find your clients the right coverage in these uncertain times.

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