Nightclubs & Branding: A Critical Relationship

As any nightclub owner understands, branding and marketing the spot as something unique is as beneficial as serving quality drinks and creating a lively atmosphere. Being authentic is something that every new business must establish, and the nightclub sector is no exception. In this series of posts, we’ll cover how to create and implement a brand that suits the nightclub business. Share this information with your clients and protect their dynamic operation with a Nightclub Insurance Package.

Internal branding efforts.

Chris Lenahan, industry expert and author of “The Little Black Bar Book”, says, “From the door to the floor.” When a guest walks into your establishment, you should bombard them with your brand in subtle ways. But, Lenahan says, in-your-face branding works, too. The hostess greeting, server greeting, food and drink menus, employee uniforms, glassware and pens are a few ways to ensure that when consumers leave your bar, your brand is imprinted on them, he explains to Nightclub& Bar.

External branding.

This includes marketing efforts that are not physically at the establishment. Examples include paid advertisements on the radio, TV, or even flyers and car wraps. Any way that your clients can advertise their club in the community is another opportunity to generate more business and drive interest in the club.


Half the fun of visiting a club is the atmosphere. Provide unique lightning, music, seating, and lounging areas for customers. Small clubs, those that are independent of chains, don’t have to be trumped by corporations with a lot of brand power. Instead, they can ramp up their marketing efforts and take advantage of the leeway they have for staking their own claim.

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