How Can You Pivot Your Restaurant Business Model During COVID-19?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way that restaurants operate. Due to social distancing guidelines, people cannot dine-in, which has left restaurants relying on delivery services to stay afloat. For some restaurants, it has been a seamless transition. For others, things have been more difficult. Even if they don’t support delivery, restaurant business models during COVID-19 have to change or they risk falling behind the competition.

Here is a look at different ways to pivot your restaurant business model to cope with the ongoing pandemic.

  • Stay Active on Social Media

As you change to a delivery service model during COVID-19, you’ll need the support of the community now more than ever before. That’s why it’s important to have an active social media presence. You can take advantage of the fact that more people are spending time online by increasing your social media activity to attract business. Social media is a great place to post any new announcements regarding delivery services, as well as the different safety and sanitation measures that you will be implementing. Try to maintain an active line of communication with your customers.

  • Stay Transparent Regarding Health Measures

Having complete transparency is important as you switch to a delivery service model during COVID-19. Many customers are going to be concerned regarding sanitation and proper food handling. Post a thorough breakdown of the delivery handoff procedures, as well as the steps you are taking to ensure that the food will not be contaminated as you prepare it. Make sure that your customers are aware that you are wearing gloves and masks while preparing the food and that the packaging is clean and secure.

  • Use Location Ads

Location-based ads can be a great way to reach local customers as you shift to focusing on delivery and take-out during COVID-19. Research the delivery radius based on different delivery platforms. Once you have a clear idea of where your primary customer base is located, create some ads highlighting your restaurant’s safety measures. Use the search engine tools to promote your ads in the appropriate advertising radius.

  • Change Your Menu

As you pivot your restaurant business model, keep in mind that not every menu works well with delivery service. You have to promote items that are versatile enough to travel, get refrigerated, and then reheated in the microwave or oven. Be flexible and creative as you consider changing your menu to better fit a delivery style of serve. Use social media to create a survey and figure out the type of menu items your customers are most interested in.

  • Give Back

Having a loyal customer base is more important than ever right now. Go the extra mile to add a personal touch to help your business stand out. Things like adding special notes to your delivery orders to show appreciation for them trusting your business can go a long way to help foster good relationships with your remote customers. Encourage your customers to order again by adding special discounts and promotions to reward loyal customers.

  • Meal Kits

As you pivot your restaurant business model, consider offering your customers meal kits. This allows your customers to prepare their own versions of your classic dishes while they are at home and is a great way to engage your customers. Add some DIY videos to your site to help your customers prepare the dishes. Make sure that the meal kits contain detailed instructions.

  • Packaging

As you change your Restaurant’s Business Model During COVID-19 to delivery services, the packaging is essential. Make sure that you pack the food into perfect sizes and shapes so that it has an appealing aesthetic when it arrives to your customers.

  • Work With Third-Party Delivery Services

Many third-party delivery services such as Doordash and UberEats are adjusting as well. Multiple third-party delivery service providers are waiving delivery fees and implementing contact-less delivery policies. In other cases, some third-party delivery services are using a leave at the door delivery method.

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