As a bar owner, your clients are likely aware of the additional risk they face when it comes to serving liquor at their establishments. However, have they stopped to consider the risks their bartenders are likely to face? From slips and falls to injuries related to repetitive motions and ergonomics, their staff are exposed to various risks on the job. As we take a closer look at the common injuries bartenders face and how to prevent them, ensure your clients are protected with a Tavern Insurance Program.

Preventing high force muscle injuries.

A lot of force is required to lift, pull, push, lower and carry heavy items in the bar, which exposes the body to risk of straining or pulling a muscle. To prevent these injuries, put one foot on a step or rail to reduce stress on your back and legs when standing for long periods. From time to time, alternate the foot you have on the rail, explains Work Safe BC. Next, your clients should enforce the proper dress code including comfortable shoes and should always provide soft matting to stand on behind the bar.

Repetitive motion injuries.

Your clients should encourage their staff to switch up the hands they use for pouring, cleaning, and moving items. It’s also helpful to break up repetitive tasks to give the muscles a rest. For example, if they must unload dishes from the dishwasher, have them break the task up by switching with another bartender or wiping down tables for a while instead.

Ergonomic injuries.

The proper equipment and posture can reduce the threat of injuries for bartenders. Reaching above shoulder level, bending down, twisting to reach counters, pouring and stocking the bar can cause awkward postures that can increase injuries. Therefore, commonly used items should be stacked between shoulder and hip height, step stools should be provided, and proper ergonomics should be promoted. For example, employees should turn their feet toward their task to prevent unnecessary twisting and heavy loads should be kept close to the body during transport.


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