Preventing Restaurant Employee Injuries

Working in a fast-paced industry such as hospitality can subject employees to numerous safety risks. From slips and falls to cutting themselves, there is no shortage of opportunity to become injured. However, with the proper safety and wellness program in place, combined with the best Restaurant Workers’ Compensation Insurance, your client’s business is bound to thrive. Here are some helpful tips to share with your clients to keep their employees safe on the job.


Always use sharp knives, dull ones are actually more dangerous. It’s also important to remember to use proper safety equipment such as cutting boards to ensure safe chopping and only carry knives while facing downwards, not outwards. Next, always cut away from the hand and body, rather than toward it and wear mesh gloves whenever appropriate.

Slips and Falls

Keep walkways clear of debris or any obstructions and make sure the floors are dry. In the kitchen, use thick rubber mats to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. In the dining room, if a spill must be cleaned during business hours, do so immediately and notify guests with the right warning signs. Next, be sure to use the right products to really get rid of any oil or grease that could spill on the floor instead of leaving a slippery residue. Lastly, all rugs should be laid flat to prevent customers and employees from tripping.


Prevent burns by always using the proper handling equipment-always assume all pots and pans are hot. In addition, point pan handles away from hot burners and ensure they don’t stick out over the stove-someone might walk by and knock it on the floor or onto the chef. Next, wear the right clothing- long sleeve shirts and cotton pants are recommended in the kitchen, says Work Safe BC.

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