Risk Management Planning and Insurance for the Holidays

The brighter, warmer outdoors is perfect for the holidays, bringing all the fun-loving people together. Different forms of entertainment and art, from music shows and sports to circuses and fairs, are organized during this time of the year. As an organizer, vendor, venue owner, promoter, or any other entity partly responsible for the success of such an event, you should consider getting risk management insurance. Tens of thousands of people and their families or friends will be counting on you to ensure their safety as they enjoy the best of times together.

Here are some ideas to plan and maximize safety and security during the upcoming holidays.

  1. Maximize Event Security

    Recent tragic occurrences at large-scale public events are a constant reminder of the importance of security planning at holiday venues. You should make adequate security investments and ensure enough personnel and proper protocols are in place to protect everyone. Being proactive in maximizing event security lets you minimize your exposure to potentially costly claims like assault or battery.

  2. Secure Relevant Licenses and Permits

    Obtain licenses that you may require to host an event in your state. You may need a special permit from the health department if you’ll be offering food and beverages at your event. Serving liquor to the public also requires a specialized permit.

  3. Address Your Liability Exposures

    Accidents, personal injuries, and property damage are some of the common liabilities to consider as you plan your event. Even if you have general liability insurance, you should ensure you have any necessary supplemental coverage. For example, you’ll need liquor liability insurance to host an event wherein alcohol will be served.

  4. Assess Your Upcoming Event for Potential Risks

    What is the weather forecast for the day or duration of the event you’re planning? Is the venue/location prone to natural disasters? Anticipate issues and implement appropriate mitigation measures. It’s also vital that you maximize fire safety as part of your event setup.

The Risk Management Planning Process for Your Event

Safety and Security Planning

Your risk mitigation plan should include all elements of the holidays from opening to closing. Make sure to address issues such as:

  • Bad weather, like a heavy storm
  • Potential anti-social or criminal behavior of some attendees
  • Proper lighting and electrical services

All parties involved in organizing your holiday event should know their role in handling unforeseen emergencies to protect life and property at the venue. Also, ensure there is adequate security personnel to match the expected crowd size. Study the location thoroughly beforehand and identify strategic points to deploy your team to deter criminal behavior and maintain order.

There should be security staff at specific areas or spots, including:

  • Entry points
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian areas

Bouncers and law enforcement officers have a vital role to play in deterring disobedience, violence, and other personal security threats at your event.

Professional Risk Management Services

Speak with your insurance agent if you need professional help with risk management. Insurance-risk management specialists have your best interests at heart since their business is more profitable when their clients organize incident-free, enjoyable holiday events.

An expert in holiday risk management has the extensive entertainment industry experience and can help you develop proper safety and security protocols for your event. They can coordinate all arrangements with key stakeholders, including law enforcement officials, performers, and venue owners, to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

These are some of the critical measures you should implement to minimize your exposures as an event organizer, promoter, or venue owner. If you’re planning to organize a holiday event, our team at RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC can help you secure your interests further by providing risk management insurance. Contact us today to learn more about the general and specialized types of coverages you need for your business or specialty.