Successful Sports Bars: How to Stay on Top

Running a successful bar requires more than just providing quality cocktails and a unique atmosphere. In addition to a Sports Bar Insurance Program to protect your assets, these 8 tips will ensure your bar is profitable and remains the local hot spot for years to come.

Stock Your Bar- While beer, liquor, and wine should always be stocked, Webstaurant Store recommends tracking your best-selling drinks, your busiest days and times, and most successful seasons so you can stock accordingly. In order to guarantee a new item’s success, try a test phase to evaluate how well it does. What’s more, bar equipment should be maintained, as well. This includes blenders, shakers, speed rails, refrigerators, glassware, etc.

Monitor Pours- Measured pours should be strictly enforced as this promotes cost control. For newer bartenders, this can be practiced with jiggers in order to maintain consistency. Further, measuring can prevent spills and reduce wasted product. Experts recommend using heavy-based glassware so that the glass is filled more quickly in a fashionable way.

Signature Cocktail- A unique spirit or cocktail can set your bar apart from the rest. A signature drink should follow the theme of your bar, if applicable. Consider the demographic: are you located close to a college campus? A country club? The location should dictate your menu and the drinks you serve.

Happy Hour & Events- Incentives for people to come to your bar are essential. Regular events at your bar will drive traffic and spread the word about your establishment. Webstaurant Store says to try hosting alternative events such as speed dating, dart and pool leagues, karaoke, open mic night, trivia, sport playoff parties, etc. These consistently scheduled events can draw in the brunch crowd, the after work drinkers, etc. and encourage them to return.

Promote Upselling- Train staff to offer appetizers to happy hour customers, recommend new drinks and food items, and inform patrons of specials. In addition, consider leaving a small plate menu at all tables to sell to those who are drinking and might develop an appetite. Next, train your wait staff on the best food pairings with alcoholic beverages.

Offer Something for Everyone- As there is likely to be a designated driver, offer nonalcoholic specials, as well. Further, wine, beer, and liquor should be carried to appeal to everyone.

Be Aware of Liabilities- Operating a bar can pose risks of alcohol related safety issues, your property’s safety, loss of liquor license, etc. Bar staff should be adequately trained on safety practices and how to properly identify a valid I.D. For assistance, The National Restaurant Association offers training programs to ensure front-of-house staff is properly trained to reduce liability.

POS System- Track orders, purchases, and tabs simply and effectively.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we understand the inherent risks associated with the bar industry. However, our comprehensive specialty programs are uniquely written to protect establishments like yours. To learn more about our products, contact us today at (888) 359-8390.