Why Purchasing Alcohol Liability Insurance is Important Before Hosting an Event

If you’re a club owner or event host, you recognize that alcohol is a fun addition to most parties. People come to your event to relax in a fun social environment. However, adding alcohol also makes things unpredictable. It’s recommended that you add protection if something goes wrong. Here’s a look at the importance of Read More

Bar Liability: Ensure That Every Bar Has Safe Exit Routes

There are a number of liabilities that bar staff and owners have to be aware of when operating on a daily basis. From slips and falls to overserving, the usual suspects of risks can happen at any time in the nightlife community. However, one risk that owners should not push to the side is making Read More

Is Your Bar Liable for Patrons Driving Under the Influence?

Even though statistics show that DUI’s are on the decline in the United States, drunk driving is still a very real and present threat throughout the country. When an accident occurs and the possibility of a death arises, is only the driver who caused the accident to blame? In reality, states across the country have Read More