Protecting Your Business from Alcohol-Related Claims: The Importance of Liquor Liability Insurance

For bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, creating a fun atmosphere for guests is paramount. However, this industry also faces a unique financial threat: lawsuits arising from alcohol-related incidents. One intoxicated patron causing an accident, injury, or property damage can lead to a costly legal battle that could jeopardize your entire business. This blog explores Read More

Why Purchasing Alcohol Liability Insurance is Important Before Hosting an Event

If you’re a club owner or event host, you recognize that alcohol is a fun addition to most parties. People come to your event to relax in a fun social environment. However, adding alcohol also makes things unpredictable. It’s recommended that you add protection if something goes wrong. Here’s a look at the importance of Read More

Are Bars Liable for Customers Who Fall After Drinking?

In the United States, businesses in the nightlife scene, be it a sports bar, a cool college bar, or a nightclub that gets packed on the weekend, report serving more than 19 million people each year. Throughout the country’s 62,000 bars and nightclubs, you’re bound to come across a liability issue here or there. From Read More

Key Facts to Know About Liquor Liability Coverage

Newer state statutes are holding sellers of alcohol, such as bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores, responsible for damages under liquor liability laws. Bars can be held liable for instances where there’s a death or injury due to alcohol like in a DUI, bringing them to court and possibly closing their doors for good. Establishments that Read More