How to Get Your Event Protected Against Legal Liabilities?

Every year, over 40 million lawsuits are filed in America for many reasons. Any business can be sued by customers, partners, employees, and investors. The same applies to organizations that plan special events. It’s best to learn available insurance options and tailor a plan specifically for your event. How Can the RMS Insurance Hospitality Program Read More

How Can Event Insurance Policy Minimize Your Liability Exposure?

For your event to succeed, there are certain preventive measures you have to implement beforehand. For example, everyone’s safety at the venue should be a top priority. However, unforeseeable mishaps can still occur despite your meticulous planning. Keep reading to understand how event insurance can protect you against liability. What Is Event Insurance? Event insurance Read More

5 Important Benefits of Hospitality Insurance

Hotels, restaurants, and taverns offer what is referred to as hospitality services. These types of businesses incur additional types of risk over and above what other businesses do. Hospitality insurance policies are written to cover these unique risks and help businesses protect themselves from financial loss if an accident occurs. Hospitality businesses incur a variety Read More

Why Excess Liability Coverage is Important in the Hospitality Industry

Every business owner in the hospitality industry knows that every day presents new and difficult risks to overcome. It is the nature of the business. Sometimes, things go wrong. A guest slips and falls or the valet driver damages a vehicle. There are many situations that you need to address. For hotel owners and those Read More

Why Purchasing Hospitality Insurance is Important

Business owners know that – at any time – they could be held liable for virtually anything and everything. This is even truer in the hospitality industry. A business could be named in a lawsuit for an accident that occurred off the premises or even if they were only vaguely connected to the actual establishment. Read More