Why Excess Liability Coverage is Important in the Hospitality Industry

Every business owner in the hospitality industry knows that every day presents new and difficult risks to overcome. It is the nature of the business. Sometimes, things go wrong. A guest slips and falls or the valet driver damages a vehicle. There are many situations that you need to address. For hotel owners and those Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses across the world have suffered at the hands of COVID-19. It has been a rough start to the year, and things are not quite back to normality. Because of lockdown, social distancing guidelines, the lack of employees’ ability to work, and less overall consumption, many businesses are hurting. As a result, owners are Read More

Why Purchasing Hospitality Insurance is Important

Business owners know that – at any time – they could be held liable for virtually anything and everything. This is even truer in the hospitality industry. A business could be named in a lawsuit for an accident that occurred off the premises or even if they were only vaguely connected to the actual establishment. Read More

Protecting the Hospitality Industry Against Gas Hazards

For restaurants, bars, and cafes, getting a bad Yelp review or unfavorable local social media buzz can cut into the flow of business and the potential for new customers to come in. From undercooked food to rude wait staff to claims related to slips and falls or burnt tongues, no restaurant can afford bad press. Read More

The Importance of Products/Completed Operations Coverage in the Hospitality Industry

It’s a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare: someone eats at their establishment, a day or two goes by, and they have a reaction to something they ate and/or drank. All the customer has to do is trace it back to the time they spent at that eatery and then file a costly claim for food poisoning. Read More