Assessing the Necessity of Liquor Liability Insurance for Your Bar

In the vibrant world of hospitality, where laughter echoes, and glasses clink in celebration, bar owners find themselves at the crossroads of joy and responsibility. Operating a bar is not just about serving cocktails and creating a welcoming ambiance; it also involves understanding the potential risks associated with alcohol consumption. One essential aspect of safeguarding Read More

Liquor Liability Insurance Policy Coverage: Is It Needed When Hosting a Company Party?

An office party is an excellent team-building event that can create more significant interaction among your staff and other vendors. But do the same concerns apply to nightclubs or other venues serving alcohol? Here’s what you need to know about liquor liability insurance policy coverage and how it can protect your business. Alcohol-Related Incidents Can Read More

How Liquor Liability Insurance and Alcohol Training for Servers Can Protect Your Restaurant

Selling alcohol is one of the riskiest business ventures in the U.S. This is mainly due to the tendency of intoxicated customers to become rowdy and violent and cause property damage and/or bodily injuries. For this reason, the federal government highly regulates businesses that sell alcohol, including restaurants. Besides the requisite permits and licenses, such Read More

Should You Add Liquor Liability Insurance for Your Next Non-profit Event?

Leaders of nonprofit organizations are often unaware of the potential risks they are exposed to. It’s recommended that all nonprofit organizations have liability coverage for protection against property damage, bodily injuries, and allegations of slander or libel. Commercial property insurance is another common form of coverage that nonprofit organizations rely on. Commercial property insurance covers Read More

Do You Need Insurance Before Serving Alcohol At Your Event

If you are planning to serve alcohol at your next event, you’ve likely brainstormed potential risks. Perhaps you are unsure whether you need insurance to serve alcohol at your event. Many insurance companies do offer special event insurance to protect business owners in the event that a liability dispute arises. This type of coverage protects Read More