Crowd Control Management: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

Crowd control is a professional term used by event organizers and venue owners to reflect strategies that guide, comfort, serve and persuade crowds. The usage of signs and barriers at fairs and amusement parks helps influence attendees to learn their way around a venue so that they don’t get lost. Another aspect of crowd control Read More

Crowd Violence in Music Venues: Warning Signs and How to Stop It

Concertgoers and nightclub patrons looking to hear some of their favorite music or have a great night out with friends don’t go into it expecting the worst to happen. Whether attending a performance at a stadium, an outdoor music festival, or a smaller music venue, people have a right to feel safe and secure. Concert Read More

Important Safety Tips for Crowd Control in Live Music Venues

Nights out at live shows continue to be a great way for music fans to see their favorite artists and discover new ones. But wherever there’s a crowd, there’s the potential for safety issues that can cause harm to anyone within earshot. Music festivals have been known to have safety concerns of their own with Read More

Crowd Control Advice for Concert Venues

Live music venues are a lucrative business by any means. However, massive crowds and excitement can lead to potential chaos among concert-goers. To protect establishments such as these, Live Music Venue Insurance is critical. In addition, the following crowd control tips should be considering before hosting any large concert event. Create Space Between Performer and Crowd- The Read More