Is Your Live Music Concert Venue Insured? If Not, Then Learn How You Can

One of the reasons people stay at certain hotels is to see a live concert in another city. Many hotels themselves have rooms for live entertainment. Here’s what a commercial property owner planning to offer live shows needs to know about live music concert venue insurance. Why Is Event Insurance Needed for a Concert? Event Read More

What Is a Live Music Insurance Program?

According to Billboard, 32 million people attend music festivals every year. Venues and promoters are obliged to provide a safe environment for event attendees. However, despite all the health and safety measures in place, mishaps can occur. If incidents that lead to property damage and injuries occur, the event organizers and venue owner may be Read More

Crowd Control Management: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

Crowd control is a professional term used by event organizers and venue owners to reflect strategies that guide, comfort, serve and persuade crowds. The usage of signs and barriers at fairs and amusement parks helps influence attendees to learn their way around a venue so that they don’t get lost. Another aspect of crowd control Read More

Crowd Violence in Music Venues: Warning Signs and How to Stop It

Concertgoers and nightclub patrons looking to hear some of their favorite music or have a great night out with friends don’t go into it expecting the worst to happen. Whether attending a performance at a stadium, an outdoor music festival, or a smaller music venue, people have a right to feel safe and secure. Concert Read More

The Most Common Problems Faced by Live Music Venues

For concertgoers visiting a live music venue for a great show, they probably don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. Getting a ticket and showing up on time is all the patron has to do to see their favorite artists. But for those who run a music venue, there’s a world of challenges that Read More