Important Nightclub Safety Tips for Insurance Producers

In order to run a nightclub safely, you need to prioritize safety as an essential component of your operation. Your nightclub insurance will cover certain events, but it may need special extensions to suit your business plan. Here are insightful nightclub safety tips to help you and your customers feel more comfortable about the environment Read More

What Is Nightclub Insurance & Why Do You Need It?

Because of the unique nature of the business, nightclub owners need to have a good liability insurance policy in place to protect them from a variety of events and accidents. Any place that serves alcohol carries a higher level of risk than venues that do not. Understanding those risks and the role you play in Read More

How COVID-19 May Impact the Future of Nightlife Entertainment

Enforcing social distancing and other measures because of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted bars and other nightlife entertainment. The fear among many owners is that the damage is irreversible. Eventually, things will return to some normalcy, but will the nightlife entertainment industry ever be the same? COVID-19 has caused significant damage to the nightlife industry Read More

How to Perform a Nightclub Risk Assessment

Nightclubs are great spots for celebrating the weekend after a long, stressful week. With hit music playing and colorful environments, nightclubs are perfect for getting out with friends and letting loose. But for owners and operators of nightclubs, they can quickly turn into moving liabilities. From fire hazards to overcrowding to the general safety and Read More

How to Prevent Fights in Nightclubs and Other Establishments

When alcohol, emotions, and loud noises mix together, an old fashioned row could occur between patrons. Bar fights put everyone at risk, from the patrons involved to those nearby to those working in an establishment, potentially causing major damage to peoples’ well being and the integrity of the bar or nightclub. Freakonomics reported on a Read More