Dram Shop Liability Coverage: An Overview

Restaurant and bar owners are aware of the risks associated with operating their business. Serving one extra drink to the wrong customer can cause serious problems. That is why dram shop liability coverage is important. Here is a guide to researching liquor liability insurance coverage. Dram Shop Liability Coverage The origins of dram shop come Read More

5 Important Benefits of Hospitality Insurance

Hotels, restaurants, and taverns offer what is referred to as hospitality services. These types of businesses incur additional types of risk over and above what other businesses do. Hospitality insurance policies are written to cover these unique risks and help businesses protect themselves from financial loss if an accident occurs. Hospitality businesses incur a variety Read More

What Is Nightclub Insurance & Why Do You Need It?

Because of the unique nature of the business, nightclub owners need to have a good liability insurance policy in place to protect them from a variety of events and accidents. Any place that serves alcohol carries a higher level of risk than venues that do not. Understanding those risks and the role you play in Read More

The Basics of Bar Insurance: Understanding Your Coverage Needs

As the owner of a bar, you are aware that a disaster could happen at any moment. Perhaps one of your employees is having a bad day, and they break some of your equipment or vandalize the property. Perhaps, you sell alcohol at the bar to the wrong patrons at the wrong time. Suddenly, those Read More

Insurable Vs. Uninsurable Intentional Acts: What You Need to Know

Generally, intentional acts that cause damages are not covered by insurance. Many jurisdictions have regulations prohibiting coverage for acts undertaken intentionally, with the intent to cause harm. Society does not promote criminal actions by allowing a wrongdoer to go scot-free. If all intentional bad acts were insurable, that would allow offenders to profit by transferring Read More