The Basics of Assault & Battery Insurance for Bar Owners

Have you ever thought about opening a bar? Creating a social center for your neighborhood has its advantages, but you can’t overlook the responsibilities that come with it. Serving alcohol creates more legal complexities than opening a typical small business. You’ll need nightclub insurance, liquor liability insurance, and assault & battery insurance, along with other types of coverage.

Assault & Battery Insurance

Assault and battery are charges that involve causing physical or emotional harm to an individual. The term “assault” refers to threatening physical or emotional harm. “Battery,” by contrast, refers to the act of conflict leading to a bodily injury. Nightclubs need assault & battery insurance in case their bouncer beats someone up., in which case, the coverage pays for medical bills and legal fees.

Why Are Bars Responsible for Incidents Involving Intoxicated Patrons?

Although the patrons who engage in violence are held most responsible for the damage they cause, a bar can still be held partly responsible. By serving alcohol, you are creating risky conditions that can lead to intoxication and out-of-control behavior. Even a bartender in some states can face jail time if they serve liquor to someone who already had too much to drink.

Liquor insurance is essential, but it won’t cover everything related to alcohol. You also need assault & battery insurance because if a fight breaks out, the coverage will pay for the medical bills. Without this insurance, your bar can face a lawsuit by one of the parties to pay for their injuries.

Scope of Coverage

Assault & battery insurance is usually carried as separate from basic nightclub insurance. It’s possible to bundle different insurance plans together, but don’t assume nightclub insurance covers everything you need. Assault & battery insurance covers damages and injuries caused by your patrons or security personnel. The coverage further extends to bystanders who may get injured in the process.

This coverage can also pay for damages and losses caused by mugging within the bar or premises. It may even cover incidents involving sexual assault and different forms of misconduct that intimidate an individual. Additionally, your assault & battery insurance may cover non-physical violence and emotional trauma that occurs at your establishment. This type of aggression may involve verb threats and humiliation.

Who Needs Assault & Battery Insurance?

Bars that need assault & battery coverage are those that serve alcohol, attract high traffic, and use paid security officers or bouncers. Be aware that drunken behavior is the primary reason why assault occurs at a bar. Therefore, any restaurant that serves liquor should consider this type of insurance, particularly if it has a dedicated bar area and a dance floor.

Sports bars should consider this insurance since sports can emotionally divide a crowd. All it takes for a fight to break out is an intoxicated patron who says something negative or makes fun of a team or player that offends a devoted fan. Fights often start with jokes, then insults, then punches. Notice these incidents rarely occur at restaurants that don’t serve liquor.

Music venues that serve alcohol should also consider assault & battery insurance because of the higher energy level. Dancing can cause people to bump into each other, leading to jokes, insults, and punches.

Secure Your Bar with RMS Insurance

Every bar that tries to be a wild-packed party hangout should carry assault & battery insurance just in case dangerous, aggressive behavior erupts. Contact us at RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC for more information about protecting your establishment from alcohol-driven damage. We can help you with customized insurance coverage for your bar.