The Best Comedy Clubs in NY for a Guaranteed Good Time

New York City is regarded by many as the best place for comedy. The city houses countless clubs and bars where comedians can do their stand-up act for good pay. If you plan on opening a comedy club, you need to have the right insurance coverage. Here’s a look at some popular New York comedy clubs that you should visit for a laugh!

  1. Comedy Cellar

    This New York club attracts an eclectic audience with comedians from around the world. Since it’s been featured in various TV shows and comedy specials, the venue is somewhat of a tourist attraction.

  2. Secret Loft

    This East Village venue is not as secretive as the name suggests, but it does have an intimate atmosphere. Designed by Alex Neuhausen, the club is designed to attract regular patrons. The more you get to know your patrons, the more you need to look out for them by carrying the right insurance.

  3. The Knitting Factory

    Launched in 2008, the Knitting Factory was started by Hannibal Buress, who has built a comedy empire known for big-name entertainment. Some of the acts who have regularly hosted at the venue include Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

  4. Slipper Room

    This underground burlesque theater under Pizza Beach has the feel of an adventurous getaway. It’s where you might run into a star who likes the circus, magic, and adult humor. This type of venue has a festive atmosphere where crowds mingle and thus needs the right insurance in place in case someone slips and falls.

  5. Union Hall

    Located in Brooklyn, Union Hall is an excellent place to see unique entertainment in a basement setting. Since the room is small, the venue owner must be cognizant of risks involving fire or other disasters.

  6. Magnet Theater

    Located in the Chelsea area, Magnet Theater is open seven nights per week. That poses more risks than a club only open on weekends and a few other nights. The more your club stays open and serves alcohol, the more insurance coverage it will need.

  7. The Bell House

    The Bell House is a bigger and more exciting version of Union Hall. It features two stages for comedy, music, and other forms of entertainment. Any venue with a stage poses the risk of an entertainer falling off the stage, which should be included in the club’s liability plan.

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