Top Reasons to Carry Assault and Battery Insurance

Research shows that binge drinking increases the risk of aggression and violence.  Therefore, businesses that sell alcohol should take the necessary measures to protect themselves from liability resulting from alcohol-related crimes.  One way to do this is to carry adequate assault and battery insurance.   It’s worth noting that the costs related to an assault and battery lawsuit can easily cripple your business.  Such costs include the plaintiff’s medical expenses as well as compensation.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons to carry assault and battery insurance.

Sexual Assault Claims

Excessive consumption of alcohol may fuel aggressive behavior. For instance, about 50 percent of sexual assault cases involve at least one drunk party. So, you may receive complaints from patrons who claim to have been sexually assaulted on your premises. As the bar owner, the authorities will likely hold you liable for the damages caused. You will have to pay for treatment and compensate for the trauma. Depending on the case’s magnitude, you may spend all your savings to clear your name and resume business. Thankfully, you can save yourself the trouble by having adequate assault and battery insurance in place.

Liability Resulting from Assault Cases

Intoxicated patrons are a risk to your business in many ways. Besides causing injuries and property damage on your premises, they can also extend the damage to third parties. For instance, a drunk driver coming from your bar may ram into a building under construction, causing it to tumble down. While the driver should be held responsible for the accident, the authorities will come for you, considering the driver in question was not sober at the time of the accident. You will have to pay for the damages because you’re responsible for the driver’s intoxication.

Bodily Injuries from Fights

In most cases, fights usually result in bodily injuries. If the victim is innocent, they will likely file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. Since you’re the owner, be sure that the jury will also bring you to book. Assault and battery insurance will cover the costs of bodily injuries in your establishment. Specifically, it will pay for medical expenses for the injured parties and compensate the victims.

Emotionally Traumatized Parties

Altercations in your bar or restaurant can also cause emotional trauma to the parties involved. These could be victims and even witnesses. While emotional trauma may not be visible to the naked eye, victims can file a lawsuit against your business. You may have to pay the victims for therapy sessions or monetary compensation. This can ruin your business finances. The good part is that you can avoid losing money in this manner by preparing for cases of assault and battery. Assault and battery insurance coverage should shield your business finances from such cases.

How to Get the Right Insurance Plan

If you sell alcohol in your hospitality business, you should carry the right assault and battery insurance plan to protect yourself and your businesses against liability stemming from alcohol-related crimes such as assault and battery. To learn more about liability coverage for your liquor joint, contact our experts at RMS Insurance at (516) 742-8585 today! We’re happy to offer you expertly designed policies for your hospitality business.

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