What Does Assault & Battery Insurance Cover?

Whether you own and operate a bar or restaurant, café or nightclub, there are many different ways in which your patrons’ well-being could end up having a bad time. Bar fights, arguments, long-term emotional effects, and general safety around the premises of your establishment can all be factors that encourage specified hospitality insurance.

When it comes to places of hospitality, as mentioned above, having a specialized piece of coverage, like assault & battery insurance, will help to protect against the myriad of ways in which your establishment can be legally and financially responsible for these kinds of risks. Here are some examples of different incidents that this kind of coverage can protect against.

Bar Fighting

When alcohol and emotions mix, there can be the possibility of emotions getting out of hand, turning into a bar fight. Assault and battery insurance policies cover against this kind of altercation where two or more patrons duke it out. A policy may cover both injuries obtained by those directly involved in a fight as well as injuries that others in the vicinity sustain.

Safety in Your Surroundings

Bars tend to be in more densely populated areas and in places that may not be safe after hours. Assault and battery coverage considers this element as it’s not always limited to what happens inside a bar or restaurant. In fact, confrontations that occur near a building or property can be covered, like when a fight happens or a mugging takes place.

If a patron is injured or assaulted when they are leaving your establishment, any medical care they may need might qualify as an assault and battery claim. If something like this happens then the details of the incident, assault and battery terms and conditions, and health insurance coverages could all affect the claim.

Emotional Aftermath

While this kind of coverage surely protects against physical matters, it also keeps your establishment safe against the after effects, such as emotional trauma patrons may sustain. Witnesses who are not directly physically injured can still sustain emotional damages after something they’ve seen in a bar fight or altercation of some kind.

Sexual Assault

Assault and battery also protects against sexual assaults, which can always be a threat in any kind of bar or restaurant or nightclub. If someone is on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention the victim may file a suit against both the perpetrator and the location at which it took place. Having a healthy type of assault and battery coverage can protect against the sky-high legal fees and keep your business running.

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