What Insurance is Required for Your Wine Bar

Running a wine bar is fraught with risks that can disrupt the operations and damage your business. Having the right insurance specifically tailored to your unique business needs is crucial, so you need wine bar insurance. This type of business insurance covers your wine bar premises and assets, staff, and liability claims.

Wine bars also face the potential risk of inebriated customers who may injure others or themselves or damage property within or outside the bar. The bars can be held responsible for their customers’ actions, which can have severe financial consequences if you do not have wine bar insurance.

Important Wine Bar Insurance Coverages

You must have the following insurance in your wine bar insurance policy:

  1. General Liability InsuranceWhile you are not legally mandated to buy general liability, it is one of the most essential business insurance coverages that all businesses must have.Buying general liability insurance covers you for:
    • Bodily injuries to customers and others
    • Third-party property damage
    • Legal costs that include attorney and court fees and settlement amount
  2. Commercial Property Insurance

    Commercial property insurance covers you for losses due to property damage, theft, or liability claims caused by fire, explosion, natural elements, or, in the case of wine bar owners, the potential risk of a bar fight. It pays for repairing and replacing your property, equipment, and other assets included in the insurance.

  3. Liquor Liability Insurance

    Selling alcohol comes with its risks. Having liquor liability insurance protects you from liquor-related lawsuits and injuries and damages caused by someone you served alcohol in your bar. It also covers treatment costs for customers who suffer from alcohol poisoning.

  4. Assault and Battery InsuranceAssault and battery insurance covers property damage and bodily injuries that your customers or security personnel cause. It also covers:
    • Mugging
    • Sexual assaults
    • Intimidation attempts
    • Non-physical violence
    • Emotional trauma
  5. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    You must have workers ‘ compensation insurance when you hire people to work in your bar. It reimburses the medical costs incurred by the business when your employee gets a work-related injury or illness. Your worker can even sue you if you don’t have the required coverage.

Get Comprehensive Insurance for Your Wine Bar with RMS Insurance

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