What Types of Insurance Coverages Will You Need for a Nightclub?

When you open a nightclub, you will need to learn about the different types of risk you may encounter. Once you know the risks, you can start to identify the different types of coverage you may need for your establishment. Your insurance agent can help you identify all types of risks associated with opening and effectively managing a nightclub. Let’s discuss the types of insurance you need for a nightclub.

Know the Different Types of Coverage

Nightclubs are somewhat different from other types of establishments. A restaurant, for example, may not serve alcohol. Others may not stay open past midnight. The longer hours and the fact that a nightclub serves hard liquor will have a dramatic impact on the level of risk that your establishment carries. It’s up to you to know what types of risk will be present and purchase the insurance that is needed to protect your business.

Types of Insurance You May Need for Your Nightclub

  1. General Liability

    General liability will cover traditional accidents like a slip and fall or bumping into a bar or a table. Most types of restaurants, including nightclubs, will need to carry this type of insurance to protect them against the more common types of accidents. Your insurance agent will be able to help you determine how much general liability coverage you will need to protect your business.

  2. Liquor Liability

    Liquor liability coverage is only needed if you serve alcohol on the premises. This type of insurance will protect your nightclub if someone leaves your establishment and is involved in an accident of any kind that is the result of them being served alcohol. While you may do everything possible to prevent them from leaving, you can’t physically restrain them. Your liquor liability coverage is the best form of protection that you have.

  3. Assault & Battery

    Assault & Battery coverage protects you if a fight breaks out in your nightclub. This type of policy will protect you from any injury liability that your patrons may receive if they are injured during a fight on your property. Assault & Battery insurance isn’t something many people think of until a fight breaks out, and they are responsible for paying a customer’s medical expenses.

  4. Commercial Property Insurance

    Your commercial property insurance covers any physical property your business may own. This type of coverage will usually cover damages to your property that are the result of normal business operations as well as a list of other perils. It’s important that you know what perils are included in your policy and what the coverage amounts are.

Cover Your Nightclub Against All Risks with RMS Insurance Brokerage

Understanding your insurance needs as a nightclub owner is important. If you have questions, make sure to get the answers you need before you open for business. Talk to the agents at RMS Insurance Brokerage as soon as possible so you can have all of your policies in place before you open your doors to the public. Contact one of our reputable agents today!

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