Assault and Battery Insurance

RMS Insurance Assault and Battery Insurance Coverage Highlights

RMS Programs is a specialty program from RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC, exclusively for the hospitality industry. We offer comprehensive liability insurance coverage with specialized services, including assault and battery insurance coverage.

  • Our team of hospitality industry experts has the skill to underwrite plans with maximum coverage
  • We offer coverage for both patron-on-patron violence and agent-on-patron incidents
  • Certain violent acts and actions by security staff that may result in physical injury or property damage are covered
  • We offer separate specialty programs for a wide range of business establishments in the hospitality industry
  • We ensure that the insurance has no costly coverage gaps

If you are a business owner in NY looking for assault and battery insurance coverage near you, contact our team of experts at RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC to get a quote. We can help you select the best coverage.


Drunken brawls and fights are a common occurrence in bars as alcohol triggers aggressive behavior. A few words exchanged may lead to full-blown fights that may result in injuries and property damage. Assault and battery insurance protect you from the risk of lawsuits resulting from such incidents.

Assault and battery insurance provide coverage for emotional and physical injuries resulting from verbal and physical threats or confrontations.

You may have to pay $900 to $1200 annually for an assault and battery insurance policy, although your overall rate may vary depending on the deductibles and limit of your coverage.