Excess Liability Insurance

RMS Insurance Excess Liability Insurance Coverage Highlights

The RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC, offers specialized liability insurance coverages, including excess coverage.

  • Our team of hospitality industry experts underwrites plans that offer maximum coverage
  • We offer excess liability for general liability, liquor liability, and assault and battery insurance
  • Our programs are customized to suit a wide range of hospitality businesses
  • We help you to mitigate risks that may lead to expensive liability claims

If you are a business owner in the hospitality industry in NY looking for excess liability insurance coverage near you, contact our expert team and learn more about ourHospitality Insurance Program in New York to get a quote. We’ll help you select the right coverage.


Excess liability insurance provides financial protection if a liability claim exceeds the underlying liability policy limit. It works as a security net and adds protection to your existing coverage.

Not being adequately protected in the event of an expensive liability claim can lead to a severe financial setback for your business. Excess liability offers added security and peace of mind by providing additional coverage to your existing liability policy.

Excess liability policies are classified based on their limits. The insurance policy with a per occurrence limit pays for a single covered loss, while the policy with an aggregate limit has a maximum amount that it covers in a year.

No, they are not the same. Excess liability adds extra financial protection to your existing liability policy. At the same time, umbrella insurance provides broader coverage, including losses outside the underlying policy.