General Liability Insurance Programs that You can Trust!

Get the best general liability insurance that is essential to protect your business from various perils.

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  • We will cooperate with you in all the steps so that you can get the best insurance policy
  • We offer responsive and rapid services
  • We offer various proprietary claims services that help to look more deeply into who makes a claim and potential reasons a claim could be considered a fraud
  • We also provide value-added services which make our program insurance cut above the rest

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It is not stated anywhere that you would need general liability to carry on with your business. But you should remember that without this insurance policy, there is a high chance that you may have to pay all the expenses for claims against your business out of pocket. E.g., a fight breaks out in your bar, and someone is injured. You will be liable to pay for medical bills and legal fees if they decide to sue you. In case you don’t have general liability insurance, you will have to pay the entire amount out of your pocket.

No, general liability insurance does not provide coverage for your business in case your employee is injured. You will need to have a workers’ compensation insurance if you don’t want to pay out of your pocket for any medical or legal expenses in case an employee gets injured and decides it sue you.

Follow these steps to make your general liability claim as smooth as possible:
  • Contact your insurance agent immediately and explain everything in detail
  • Collect all the necessary documents and review your policy
  • Ask questions to your insurance agents about the important things regarding the policy
  • Make sure that you keep everything recorded
  • Negotiate to settle the claims without any further trouble

The general liability insurance cost may vary on the basis of your business operation, policy limit and the location. Even government policies may also play an important factor in determining the cost of general liability insurance.