Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance

Alcohol-related lawsuits typically are associated with serious injury or death. These can be very difficult and traumatic cases, and jurors are often susceptible to subconscious emotional responses to alcohol-related accidents, especially those involving drunk driving.

Unfortunately, public awareness of drinking and driving has not translated into a large decline in incidents, and claims against businesses that serve alcohol haven’t decreased meaningfully since the initiation of anti-drunk driving campaigns. Naturally, victims or their survivors tend to look to the establishment that served the alcohol for answers or compensation when a loss occurs.

A hospitality insurance program from RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC can help protect restaurants, bars, and clubs from financial losses due to liquor liability claims.

At RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC, not only are we your trusted partner, we are trusted by our carrier partners as well. That means we can provide solid guidance on the kinds of risks that are insurable through us, saving you and your clients time.

Once your client is accepted for coverage, RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC works with insurance carrier partners who have expertise in Liquor Liability (i.e. Dram-shop) and Assault and Battery cases to fight frivolous claims in order to reflect a proper loss picture. We also provide claims services that can unwind complex and unmerited claims against policyholders. Our sister company, SKOPENOW, provides data surveillance, social media searches, and claims investigations to uncover relevant information that can be valuable in mitigating a settlement or exposing a fraudulent claim. This helps you and your client from paying out unnecessarily.

Your client deserves and relies upon a solid liquor liability insurance policy. Be sure to provide them with the best.

A hospitality insurance program from RMS Programs can help protect restaurants, bars, and clubs from financial losses due to liquor liability claims.