Comprehensive Bar and Nightclub Insurance

Own an adult nightclub? Get insured with our Adult Nightclub Insurance!

Adult nightclubs, also known as exotic or gentlemen’s clubs, range from swanky establishments with cover charges and valet parking to neighborhood bars with on-site entertainment. The exposure to liability claims varies by club, depending on clientele, location, operating hours, security operations, and other factors. At RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC, we provide superior liability insurance for adult nightclubs to help reduce your risk of loss.


Some negligent actions, including negligent hiring practices, inadequate supervision or security, overcrowding, inadequate lighting, and inadequate emergency safety, can cause an injury in a nightclub or bar.

The cost of nightclub insurance depends on several factors, including: Coverage limits, coverages included in your policy package, nightclub size and capacity, location, and more. Contact an agent to get a detailed quote.

Common nightclub insurance claims include:
  1. Intoxicated patron injures themselves at your establishment
  2. Two patrons get into a fight at your nightclub, causing damage and injury to others.
  3. Somebody gets injured or sick due to your service or product (food, alcohol, etc.).

In no order, the top 6 lawsuits are:
  • slip and fall accidents
  • patron disputes
  • alcohol violations
  • reckless guest behavior
  • food prep/service
  • unforeseen or tragic events